Public Service Announcement

July 29, 2007 at 9:56 pm (environment, opinions)

A few years back, I became a bit skeptical of recycling (I am ashamed to say).  This had a lot to do with an episode of “Penn and Teller’s Bullshit” that G and I watched which basically claimed that recycling anything except for aluminum cans actually costs more energy than it gains back.  All of the water, electricity and other resources it costs to turn recyclable material into something useful was more than it cost just to make something new.  What I have now come to realize, due in no small part to the recent onslaught of go-green messages in the media, is that even though it does take resources to recycle things, its still worth it.  Its worth it because those items will not be in our landfills, will not be taking the next millennium or more to degrade, and will actually be reused in consumer products, thereby saving petroleum and trees.

My latest nagging-point (as opposed to talking-point) is that more people need to recycle plastic bottles!  Companies have figured out ingenious ways to reuse plastic bottles in the production of everything from carpeting, to polar-fleece to deck furniture.  And ironically, these companies can’t get enough of it!  So if you are lucky enough, as I am, to live in a city with an excellent recycling program, please take advantage of it.  And just so that this isn’t another trite “recycling rocks” blog post, here’s a tip that I just learned recently.  Almost all shampoo and conditioner (and many other bathroom item) bottles are #1 or #2 plastic – the kinds most municipal recycling programs accept.  You may be cooler than me and have known this already…but if not, there’s your tip of the day!

*also published on my other blog – just so you know its not plagiarism!


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