Just Plain Scary

August 6, 2007 at 1:31 am (feminism, opinions, politics)

I was just perusing the weekly selection of feminist-related journalism highlighted by the good women at feministing when I came across this scary article.  Now lets all just sit back and think about a United States in the near future where both contraceptives and abortion are illegal…wow.  Amazing.  That’s just what god would have wanted, I’m sure.  We’re either going to have: (A) a LOT of sexually frustrated men and women (B) a baby boom, the likes of which we have never seen, or (C) a lot of hanger-scarred women coming out of blood spattered back alley clinics.  OK, that last one was gross, but I swear it won’t be far from the truth if those right-wing religious pandering f*&#-head men get their way if they become president.  Although, maybe we can take some solace in the fact that Bush hasn’t gotten this accomplished in 7 years of presidency, and if there is anyone that panders to the religious right, its him.  But he has been slightly distracted of late with a disastrous war and spending all current and future tax revenue.  Lets face it, he’s been a little busy, which is probably why we have retained even a few of our civil liberties.

All joking aside, this issue is just plain scary, and its something that everyone needs to be aware of during the next election, because I would hazard a guess that even those young women who call themselves Republican wouldn’t want their freedom to use contraceptives taken away.  And if we could envision the realistic future that would ensue if these morons do get their way, nobody would want this to happen.



  1. rehull said,

    Yeah, scary…. I think this quote from the article sums it up:
    “The American public is unaware of the new wave of anti-contraception activism by opponents of abortion. Possibly they are unwilling to believe something so wacky and ironic.”

    It’s like I could add up the things I’ve observed personally (“abstinence” commercials on TV; increased price (2x to 3x) of B.C. due to Indiana government not wanting to admit it is a “needed” item for some and have stopped financially supporting the lowered pricing at university pharmacies and Planed Parenthood; not allowing under-18 to have access to stuff w/out parents’ consent…), but I really never thought anyone would be stupid enough to believe that Abstinence is the only form of B.C. we need and should be taught to our horny teens.

    I thought people’s thinking was moving forward when male B.C. was reported as a new product of the future (99.9% effective B.C. methods should not be the sole responsibility of women, men need to have the option of that responsibility as well).

    BTW – “(C)” is a reality that scares me the most… if they ban it, more people are gonna be doing it black-market style….

    …or us women can just walk around barefoot and pregnant 😉

  2. mysterybea said,

    Yes, I too have fallen victim to the recent astronomical increases in the price of B.C. pills. In my opinion, insurance companies should be GIVING women our age B.C. because its a helluva lot cheaper than seeing a woman through pregnancy, child birth and the ensuing pediatric needs. It seems that people are simply denying reality.

    And I have been told that (C) is not going to be too far from the truth if abortion ever does become completely illegal. Many of my friends from other countries with bans on abortion have told me that it never goes away, it just moves to scary underground places. Way to move the U.S. back into the dark ages.

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