The “Truth”

August 29, 2007 at 1:10 am (feminism, rants)

Some time last year, the city I live in was blessed with a new radio station, a right-wing crazy talk radio station called “The Truth”.  There are some key differences between “The Truth” and say, NPR.  (1) “The Truth” is a commercial station and (2) You actually become stupider while listening to it.  Just today, I think Algebra II just melted straight away.  To me, its kind of an audio equivalent of a train-wreck.  Its just too horrible to turn away from.  So time to time when there’s nothing good on NPR, I’ll turn on this tripe for a good laugh.  Obviously I’m a liberal, but I like to give most conservatives that benefit of the doubt and say I may not agree with their politics, religion or ideology, but at least I don’t assume they are idiotic.  Today’s listen to “The Truth” may change those assumptions.  I will give two examples of why this is, from the only 2 times I listened to the station today.

1.  Business Babes:   I believe it was on the Laura Ingram show this morning that they were discussing the recent phenomena of, gasp, women that are experts on business and the economy.  They referred specifically to Erin Burnett who apparently has the nickname “Business Babe”.  Another example is Maria Bartiromo, aka “the Money Honey”.  This is disgusting on so many levels.  First of all, the radio retards acted simply amazed that someone with boobs and a uterus would know something about stocks and bonds.  These are women that have worked their way to the positions they are in by having the expertise and charisma to have earned their jobs as correspondents to major news channels.  Sure they are attractive, and that no doubt played a key part in how they got their positions on TV.  Like it or not, they don’t generally put ugly people on TV (James Carvill being a major exception).  Why is it assumed that women know nothing about money?  This whole conversation was infuriating to say the least.

2.  Swallowing Glass:  This next exchange was maddening simply because these two morons actually have a radio show, even though they clearly have the combined IQ of a shot glass.  Here’s the gist of the exchange, and I swear I’m not making up any of the parts that make them sound like total dumb-fucks.  I couldn’t make this up.

  • Lead Moron (LM):   Due to natural erosion the beaches in Ft. Lauderdale are disappearing and they have to dredge or truck new sand in to create usable beaches.
  • Backup Moron (BM):  Duh, really??
  • LM:  Yea, and they’re actually talking about using recycled, crushed up glass to replace the sand instead of scraping more off of the bottom of the ocean.
  • BM:  Broken glass?  Oh my god!!!  Well, I guess sand is made of silicon isn’t it?
  • LM:  Uh, I guess.
  • BM:  So they’re going to be putting glass shards on the beach?
  • LM:  Yea, this means that (and he yelled this part) your little kids are going to be playing in the ocean, then come back to the beach and put their little wet fingers in the broken glass, and then eat it.  Your kids are going to have BROKEN GLASS SHARDS IN THEIR DIGESTIVE TRACTS!

It was at this point that I had to turn it off because I was yelling at the radio and my friends were looking at me like I had gone off the deep end.  If only these guys knew that they make polar-fleece out of recycled plastic bottles.  That would absolutely blow their minds.

Why do these assholes have to be not only stupid, but stupid in an incendiary way that alarms their equally moronic listener base?  That was certainly enough of “The Truth” for one day.  One year more like it, although it does give me fantastic ranting material!!


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