The (HSP) Princess and the Pea

October 4, 2007 at 3:19 am (random thoughts)

Yesterday at work, my boss called me a princess. Now anyone that knows me would never describe me as a princess, in the sense that a princess is a high-maintenance-drama-loving-nothing’s-good-enough-for me type of person. Well, at least I hope they wouldn’t.

No no, my sweet and unassuming boss called me a princess in reference to the Princess and the Pea fairy tale. In case you haven’t read this lesser-known fairy tale, its the one about how the “true” princess was told apart from the false ones because only she could feel a pea under 20 mattresses and 20 feather beds. Yep, that sounds about right. It certainly made me laugh. She called me a princess after we had a conversation (a somewhat inappropriate lunch-time discussion in retrospect) about how easily I get blisters. Seriously, a stiff wind on my feet will cause them to blister. I get blisters on top of blisters, little ones, big ones, fingers, toes, heels, you name it. I always have at least one. I know, gross, too much information, etc. I didn’t bring up this story to brag about my plethora of blisters. I brought it up here because it reminded me about the piece I wrote about highly sensitive people (HSPs). If there was ever an HSP fairy-tale character, it was this princess that noticed that pea. And she’s the princess I was compared to, see? funny!

What it got me wondering about was whether being “highly sensitive” carries over from mental sensitivity to physical. I realize that being sensitive to sounds, smells, light and all those other things is technically physical.  Its hard to tease the mental aspect from the physical. However, do my fellow HSP’s all get as many blisters as me? Are we all hyper-sensitive to pain, inflammation, stomachaches, headaches, illness – all those things? I personally have rheumatoid arthritis which causes chronic pain and physical sensitivity, or at least I thought it was the arthritis causing it. Maybe its just that I notice the pain more since my brain is wired to be more aware of it.  Hmmm, I’m the one who usually criticizes false or coincidental correlations.  Something interesting to ponder nonetheless.



  1. rehull said,

    No blisters, but it always seems like I have a bruise somewhere on my body at all times… and most of the time I forget where I got them. Maybe that’s more of just being a klutz.

    Some days my skin hurts when people touch it… like once or twice a month, but this is probably more from the Fibromyalgia thing. I have a friend that gets that skin thing more frequently and more severely.

    I think that I could feel a pea in my bed. My mom used to compare me to the princess you are referring to when I was younger, cause even then I had issues with sleeping well.

  2. mysterybea said,

    Wow, two princesses in one family. I was never referred to as the Princess (and the Pea) when I was little. My nickname was Princess Thundercloud due to my constant frown and attitude when I was a pre-teen. I was quite snarky and surly back then I guess!

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