October 6, 2007 at 9:20 pm (Current Events, politics, presidental race)

I hate the word Electability. It is being used so much during this current presidential race and I really just despise everything about the idea of it. Electability is obviously not a real word but I think we can all gather what it means. The media and candidates alike have latched on to the idea of electability to tell us, as citizens and as voters, who we should vote for, because they are the most likely person to be voted for. Follow my logic? Neither did I, because its ridiculous. This is being thrown around a lot, especially in the current race, because there are somewhat “non-traditional” contenders in the race, i.e. non-white and non-male.

The reason that I think the idea of electability is so insidious is that it heavily influences voters. For instance, Rudy Giuliani has let it be known, by polling for his electability, that if (and its assumed that she will be, I guess because she’s so darned electable) Hillary Clinton is the Democratic nominee, he would be the GOP candidate most likely to win. I’m sorry, aren’t actual elections supposed to decide things like that? So then American voters, like the sheep many of them are, are expected to vote for the candidate that they are expected to elect. This circular logic has the potential of completely skewing elections, which is of course the entire point of it.

No individuals I know would avoid voting for a candidate due to their race or gender, however, many individuals I know (myself included) have said that they don’t think the “American people” would elect a black candidate, or a woman, or any other non-white male.  So where’s the gap? Where’s the disconnect? I believe that the fault lies with the pundits and talking heads and poll after poll telling us who the “American people” will elect.  We ARE the American people, and we can elect whoever we damn well please, whether its a woman, an African American, a Hispanic, a Caucasian, a Muslim, a homosexual, an atheist.  A couple months ago, NYTexan on BlueBloggin wrote about the presidential primaries, and why it is our chance to really be heard and make our opinions be heard loud and clear through the electoral process.  It is drilled into our heads to only vote for people that could be “real contenders”, causing everyone to vote for the same old generic, main-stream candidate time after time.  We need to get that rhetoric out of our heads.  It is only true if we buy into it.

Don’t let them use the herd mentality to influence our votes.  Look where it has gotten us so far.



  1. nytexan said,

    Thanks for the link. Great post, voters need to be reminded whats going on and that they do matter.

    I’m a firm believer that for this election cycle the primaries are the key. The MSM have Clinton & Rudy down the stretch before the first vote has been cast, that is very annoying. Since so many voters only listen to sound bite news, the pundits just keep repeating their nomination mantra to brainwash voters.

    I am very frustrated with many progressives who say I will not vote in the primary because I am pissed at the democrats and I won’t vote for Hillary however, I would vote for Edwards, Dodd or Kucinich. Well, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that for everyone of them who does not vote, Hillary will get the nomination. Denying another candidate your vote because your pissed at the party, is a fine way to give the MSM chosen winner the edge. It’s flawed logic.

    I suggest everyone vote and show the MSM, Rudy and Clinton that we do have a brain and we can make a decision.

    Sorry for the rant.

  2. mysterybea said,

    Quite all right, I was hoping for a little ranting! I agree that its quite infuriating that people say they won’t vote because they are pissed at the probably outcome. That is such a backward way of thinking. We hold the power and we need to vote with our convictions, for whichever candidate that may be.

  3. proudprogressive said,

    i want the votes counted too dammit, i am currently a registrered Green, but am getting the form i need for the primaries. It is about the primaries. I too am disgusted by the notion of “electability” what happened , if it ever existed at all to in depth discussion of platforms. This may well be my last vote. I have ethics about colluding with the status quo etc. My primary vote may be it. why ? because i feel that america is devolving so fast , like all over reaching of empires in the past that our destruction from within is inevitable UNLESS we get dramatic change. The powers that be – the elite Oligarchy wants none of that of course. Therefore..it appears and it does not take a crystal ball that things are gonna get way way worse and mighty painful in america before out of the rubble , this country gains some humility and love for its own citizens and restores our CONSTITUTION – we are sadly adrift…but i have voted all my life..and have come philosophicallly to the brink of seeing it as a pacifiyer for the people..(its who counts the votes that has the power and our congress has not addressed this adequately yet) In fact we had a coup in 2000. All that being said – i just read that the HIP HOP constituents are organizing mightily for PEACE and for voting..this is very heartening news to me. Russel Simmons and others endorse Kucinich…imagine. We have to have a paper trail, a day off for voting, and more civics in school. We got a lot to do. My conscience says Kucinich..and i have to give my best shot to make that happen , then at least i can say i tried..i tried. –

  4. mysterybea said,

    ProudProgressive- It takes you and a lot of people like you to bring the changes we so disparately need to make in this country. The lack of accountability and corruption currently rampant in our government make it so easy to become disillusioned. You’re right, there has been so much bastardization of our Constitution and electoral process, but the changes to legislation that need to be made to correct this still start with the election of our representatives. Unfortunately, our current Congress is proof of the fact that even if the voters elect representatives in order to change the status quo, change won’t necessarily happen. Its beyond maddening and frustrating, but giving up never solved anything either.

  5. G said,

    This is just more circular politics. The only way to effect change in the political process is to get new people in office that agree that there needs to be a change. The problem is, once they have been elected they too easily get corrupted and become part of the problem.

    Once elected, none of them want to damage the re-election by making any changes that would not favor the incumbent.

    We need a massive shift, we need the majority of officials to leave at the same time, and we need every bill signed since 9-11 re-examined. So much has been done that damage the so-called life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness.

    This country needs a major political shake up. I have no real expectation of that happening in my life time. This makes me VERY sad.

  6. nytexan said,

    I am so glad you registered to vote in the primaries. I guess you got tired of me ranting at you.

    Your correct this is circular politics it’s almost like the husband who beats his wife then promises never to do it again. This country has become that dysfunctional couple. We keep accepting the apology, send them back to office and then wonder when will we be beat again..

    This election cycle we have a very good chance of getting many of the seat warmers out of Washington. Hopefully everyone will get out and vote instead of being eternally pissed.

    I wonder if this is some kind of subconscience game so they will always have something to bitch about.

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