Back on Home Turf

October 22, 2007 at 1:40 pm (travel)

I’m finally back state-side and it feels good.  I’m not quite home yet, still two more lengthy flights to go to get from NYC to Tucson.  I thought it’d be wise to stop in NYC for the night in case anything happened to delay my international flights.  Thankfully, nothing did.  There’s nothing like leaving the country for a little while to make one appreciate the familiarity of home.  I have only traveled internationally to Western Europe where things quite resemble what we are used to.  I would like to go some place completely unfamiliar like Asia or  South America during my life to truly experience something different.  With the world becoming ever-homogenized, it’ll become harder and harder to go some where completely unfamiliar.

During my week-long trip though, I did take note of the subtle facial and body characteristics that are identifiable with a region.  Sure most of Western Europe is primarily Caucasian, but you can really see differences by region.  For instance, the nice French ticketing agent who helped sort out our flight change in Paris had the tiny, delicate French features and almost translucent porcelain skin that seems to be the epitome of how French women are portrayed.  Greek women on the other hand have wonderfully strong and striking features.  Prominent noses, dark eyes and olive skin (and I mean those things in the best possible way) which make them distinctly beautiful.  Even among the tourists, a trained eye can tell the Brits from the Germans from the Americans nearly at first glance.

I’m sure I’ll come up with more interesting things to write later, but after a day of traveling, jet-lag, dealing with a cold, and the prospect of yet more air travel, I’m kind of on brain-drain right now.  One thing I can think of to say is that traveling is truly one of the most important and greatest forms of education.  Whether its international or just tooling around our own country, its vital to see life from different regions and different perspectives.


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