The Old White Man Vote is Secure

March 6, 2008 at 2:26 pm (feminism, politics, presidental race)

I was thinking a little more about my last post – how there are women in this country that don’t agree that a woman should be president because they should instead by subservient to men.  It turns out that it probably doesn’t matter all that much politically.  These women most likely hold these 18th century views due to religious beliefs (what else would inspire such self-hatred?) and would never vote for a Democrat anyway.  I highly doubt that I will see anyone other than an old white man running on the Republican ticket in my lifetime.  I’ll be the first to admit that a year or more ago, I questioned whether the U.S. population could rally behind either a woman or an African-American nominee.  I am ecstatic that I was wrong.  If the right wing fundies want to complain about a woman getting out of the kitchen and running for president, then let them.  They were always going to vote for the old white guy on the GOP ticket anyway.



  1. rehull said,

    I guess that means I’m the second to admit “I questioned whether the U.S. population could rally behind either a woman or an African-American nominee,” but I’m definitely happy it has come down to one or the other… I think that means some of us have been able to get past racism and sexism, and choose the best candidate based on who they are as a person. Hope for the future? I hope so.

  2. mysterybea said,

    Cheers to us being wrong. Maybe, just maybe, I tend to underestimate my fellow citizens. We are given plenty of reasons to lose faith that there is any intelligence or fairness in the running of this country, but in the end I think democracy takes charge and sets things right. Wow, how optimistic of me! We’ll see what I have to say come November 🙂

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