Random Musings…

May 9, 2008 at 4:08 pm (random thoughts)

…from the Mysterybea at work with not enough to do.

On Work:
I officially started my new job last week and so far, its been, well, uneventful.  I hate not having enough to do at work.  In my opinion its far better to have too much to do at work than not enough.  I drives me absolutely crazy to be sitting at work watching the minutes tick by, sucking down coffee just to keep my eyes open.  Thankfully work should pick up next week.  I never thought I’d look forward so much to starting experiments again!

On Living with One’s Significant Other:
Although I have been with my S.O. for five and a half years, due to my grad school adventures we have just recently begun co-habitating.  It has gone rather smoothly, considering how independent we have both become over the past 5 years.  Until we move into our new house (closing is just 2 weeks away!), we are in his crappy college student-style apartment.  Its spacious enough, but it definitely feels claustrophobic at times.  I truly can’t fathom how people live in studio apartments together in big cities where space is at a premium.  Maybe that’s why there’s more crime in large cities.  I know I’d snap and go homicidal at some point if I had no where in my living area to be by myself.  Hell, I almost took my sweetie’s head off the other day for crunching his chips too loudly.

On being back in the Midwest:
I am absolutely loving Spring time in the Midwest.  Sure I get annoyed that I can’t go running or walking outside whenever I feel like it because it may be cold, windy, rainy or all three…but having the variety once again is so nice.  I am the type of person that gets severely annoyed with places that have too many consecutive days of bright, sunny weather.  I love cloudy and overcast days, they make me feel less guilty for holing up inside all day with the remote control and a good book.  Another thing about the spring that is so lovely is just how GREEN everything is right now.  Its remarkable after living in the desert for the past 5 years just how beautiful the greenery all is.  It’ll all fade to brown in the baking sun of July, but for now it is so refreshing.

So on that note, I’ll finish up and try to find something to keep me busy until the weekend begins in a few hours.  During my month of blissful unemployment I had forgotten just how wonderful the weekend is and how quickly it goes by.


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