Who is the Mystery Bea?

I’m an opinionated woman. Religion (atheist), politics (tree-huggin’ liberal), books (anything but romance novels and chick-lit), science, current events, even recipes…you name it, I have something to say about it!

I’m currently five years into graduate school studying cancer, so I approach life with a very scientific and critical mindset.  Unfortunately, graduate school puts me in quite a closed-off academic bubble, and I think the greatest thing about blogging is learning about subjects and perspectives I am ignorant of.  I think its important to approach life with curiosity and an open mind, and that is what I will always strive to do.



  1. Michelle R. said,


    ive been reading and like your blog – would i be able to ask your advice on something – i had a fight with mum over it and i could use a neutral person

  2. mysterybea said,

    Well, I’m certainly glad you enjoy reading my stuff, but no guarantee I’ll have useful advice! Ask away though.

  3. Michelle R. said,

    we had a fight on the dance thats coming up – its my first formal dance and mum and my Nan are both trying to dress and accessorise me for it – my Nan keeps telling me how beautifull i’ll look on the night – but i feel mixed cause im not used to the idea of dressing/dolling up – the whole dresses jewellery perfume thing

    What should i do?

  4. mysterybea said,

    You probably have gathered from my writings that I am not that much of a “girly-girl” – and you’re right. But there’s definitely a time and place for looking your best – and you’ll be glad you did! I think the old advice of “being yourself” rings true again in this situation. Bottom line is, if YOU are not comfortable in all the frilly, girly stuff, you won’t have a good time. I’m sure your mum and Nan have only good intentions, and I would let them help in ways that YOU feel comfortable with. I think adults tend to look back on things like school dances as being kind of a fantasy, and they forget that for you, its a big, anxiety-filled event!

    First of all, I know from experience that the idea of wearing a formal dress is never that exciting, but you have to remember that it is a special night, and sometimes getting dolled up is really fun, especially with all of your friends. So start off with a dress that you feel great in. Then with the accessories, just be yourself. If you like big, chunky jewelry, or chokers, or bangles, or nothing at all, that is fine. I don’t recall any of the jewelry I wore to any of the dances I went to, so obviously its not THAT important! If you’d rather do something funky with your hair or your makeup, maybe let your mum and Nan help you with that instead. And for goodness sake, wear comfortable shoes!

    Remember, you’ll have pictures of this night to look back on, and in a few years, the idea of wearing a dress and some earrings won’t seem as foreign to you! If it makes you feel any better, I will be going through the same thing soon because I am getting married, and the idea of wearing a fancy, expensive wedding dress is just not up my alley. In this case, I’m going to follow my own advice and get a great dress that I love and just try to look my prettiest whether it goes against what is “traditional” or not!

    Good luck!

  5. Michelle R. said,


    just feels hard going from denim and tshirts to satin and lace

    I hope you are right – girly girls get a a bad rep – not sure why – but maybe a special night like this will turn out ok.

    soo nervous

  6. nytexan said,

    Because you are HSP and I need balance on my blogroll you are now added.

    Remember I’m 3/25

  7. rehull said,

    Dresses… B, I remember that white with black pattern strapless dress you wore to the K & R wedding. You can look pretty damn hot and sexy in a “girly” kind of way when you want to 😉 I remember your mom saying how excited you were when you found/bought the dress… she obviously was exited for you too, and then I was too 🙂 Being more girly at times can be fun for the appropriate occasion… good advice!

    – from one “denim and tshirt” girl to another

  8. mysterybea said,

    R! Don’t give away ALL of my secrets! I have a reputation to maintain here! I was pretty damn happy with that dress though.

    nytexan- happy to “balance” out your blogroll! I have enjoyed your site for a while now.

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