And on a lighter note…

August 28, 2007 at 4:07 am (fun, grad school)

I felt I was being too serious lately, because I’m really not a very serious person.  So I have been thinking about getting a new laptop.  Of course at the mere mention of this, G was on it like flies on shit.  He lives for this kind of “project”.  So he found a laptop in my range with the features I wanted – plus its PINK!!!!  My questions about this are as follows:

  1. Would I get laughed out of my own dissertation defense if I came in with this bitchin’ flamingo pink laptop?
  2. Will this undermine all of my feminist ideals?
  3. Can I possibly be taken seriously at post-doc job interviews if I whip this out for presentations?
  4. Would it look even more awesome with some kick-ass pro-feminism decal stickers on it?

I may decide to throw caution to the wind because I just like this thing SO MUCH.

And another completely un-serious thing.  If you’re a TV watcher, you must watch “How I Met Your Mother”, it is possibly the funniest sit-com since Seinfeld.  Seriously.


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