The Old White Man Vote is Secure

March 6, 2008 at 2:26 pm (feminism, politics, presidental race)

I was thinking a little more about my last post – how there are women in this country that don’t agree that a woman should be president because they should instead by subservient to men.  It turns out that it probably doesn’t matter all that much politically.  These women most likely hold these 18th century views due to religious beliefs (what else would inspire such self-hatred?) and would never vote for a Democrat anyway.  I highly doubt that I will see anyone other than an old white man running on the Republican ticket in my lifetime.  I’ll be the first to admit that a year or more ago, I questioned whether the U.S. population could rally behind either a woman or an African-American nominee.  I am ecstatic that I was wrong.  If the right wing fundies want to complain about a woman getting out of the kitchen and running for president, then let them.  They were always going to vote for the old white guy on the GOP ticket anyway.


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October 6, 2007 at 9:20 pm (Current Events, politics, presidental race)

I hate the word Electability. It is being used so much during this current presidential race and I really just despise everything about the idea of it. Electability is obviously not a real word but I think we can all gather what it means. The media and candidates alike have latched on to the idea of electability to tell us, as citizens and as voters, who we should vote for, because they are the most likely person to be voted for. Follow my logic? Neither did I, because its ridiculous. This is being thrown around a lot, especially in the current race, because there are somewhat “non-traditional” contenders in the race, i.e. non-white and non-male.

The reason that I think the idea of electability is so insidious is that it heavily influences voters. For instance, Rudy Giuliani has let it be known, by polling for his electability, that if (and its assumed that she will be, I guess because she’s so darned electable) Hillary Clinton is the Democratic nominee, he would be the GOP candidate most likely to win. I’m sorry, aren’t actual elections supposed to decide things like that? So then American voters, like the sheep many of them are, are expected to vote for the candidate that they are expected to elect. This circular logic has the potential of completely skewing elections, which is of course the entire point of it.

No individuals I know would avoid voting for a candidate due to their race or gender, however, many individuals I know (myself included) have said that they don’t think the “American people” would elect a black candidate, or a woman, or any other non-white male.  So where’s the gap? Where’s the disconnect? I believe that the fault lies with the pundits and talking heads and poll after poll telling us who the “American people” will elect.  We ARE the American people, and we can elect whoever we damn well please, whether its a woman, an African American, a Hispanic, a Caucasian, a Muslim, a homosexual, an atheist.  A couple months ago, NYTexan on BlueBloggin wrote about the presidential primaries, and why it is our chance to really be heard and make our opinions be heard loud and clear through the electoral process.  It is drilled into our heads to only vote for people that could be “real contenders”, causing everyone to vote for the same old generic, main-stream candidate time after time.  We need to get that rhetoric out of our heads.  It is only true if we buy into it.

Don’t let them use the herd mentality to influence our votes.  Look where it has gotten us so far.

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Thompson: A Real Revolutionary

September 9, 2007 at 9:25 pm (feminism, opinions, politics, presidental race, rants)

Gee, I’m so excited that Fred Thompson decided to grace the presidential candidate pool with his presence.  He’s a real breath of fresh air among all the other crotchety old white men running on the Republican ticket.  He also has ground breaking views on all of the social issues dominating headlines these days (and yes I did get this link from Feministing).  This makes me want to vomit:

Thompson praised Bush’s performance on Iraq, the economy and Social Security. While criticizing the president for presiding over “too much spending” at the federal level, he said he backed Bush’s efforts to try to overhaul Social Security with private investment accounts. He also praised Bush for “doing a good job” on the economy and said, “I give him credit for the Supreme Court nominations that he’s made.”

Yea, go Bushie for nominating two more conservative white men to the Supreme Court, who needs diversity?  Its only the group of people that determines most of the rules by which ALL Americans live by.

The other part of this that disturbs me pertains to the abortion rhetoric.

Don’t punish women who have abortions,” presidential hopeful Fred Thompson says. Punish the doctors who perform them.

This is a point on which I have engaged in discussions on other blogs, but not here that I remember.  It is the idea that an abortion is something that is done TO a woman, not an informed decision that SHE makes.  Not that I agree at all that anyone should be punished for the practice of abortions.  I just don’t understand why only the doctor is held responsible and not the person that chose to go to the clinic.  This is so patriarchal and condescending.  Treating the woman as if she is a helpless victim of abortion.  ‘Gee, I just stumbled into this clinic and, wait – what is that evil doctor doing to me?????’   I guess, given that he’s about 120 years old, Thompson still believes that it is our “wandering uterus” which makes us so crazy.  Clearly we don’t possess the intellect or logic to determine how to manage our own bodies.  Which is why its a good thing that President Dumb Shit had the presence of mind to only put more men on the Supreme Court.

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The Homogenization of Politics

August 10, 2007 at 9:42 pm (politics, presidental race, rants)

The latest in a series of uneventful and uninformative presidential debates went down last night, this time focusing on issues concerning gay rights.  All of the top contenders (Clinton, Obama, Edwards) displayed their disappointingly predictable non-commital support to the GLBT (gay lesbian bisexual and transgendered) crowd.  Only two of the candidates, most notable Dennis Kucinich, actually had the guts to come out in full support for completely equal gay marriage and all other rights.  And in a shocking display of ignorance, Gov. Bill Richardson appeared to have no idea what the question of whether being gay is a choice or not meant.  He said he thought it was a choice (a major insult to the crowd).  This bone-headed answer left his staff scrambling to release a statement to the contrary immediately following the debate. 

What I personally find most infuriating about the entire political issue of gay marriage is why people (politicians and citizens alike) can’t realize that it is completely inevitable, and that we need to just let it happen.  I am absolutely sure that in 50 years, gays and lesbians will be able to marry whomever they choose, and that future generations are going to look back on us the same way we look back on past generations that didn’t allow inter-racial marriage.  Barrack Obama even alluded to this by bringing up the fact that his own parents’ inter-racial marriage would have been banned in most states when they were wed, so he has personal experience with this type of discrimination.  So why in the world couldn’t he use his own background as the basis to come out in support of gay marriage instead of his lame seperate but equal civil unions bullshit?  One would think that, being a person of color, Obama would also have something to say about the policy of seperate but equal.  These candidates need a little historical perspective to realize that gay is the new black.  And by that I mean, gays are pretty much discriminated against in the same manner that blacks were discriminated against 50 years ago.  Why can’t we just learn from our mistakes rather than making an entire generation of GLBT citizens suffer from ignorance and bigotry?

Unfortunately, the issue of gay marriage is just another entry on the long list of issues that politicians have all become cowardly and homogenous about (Dems and GOP alike).  I am so tired of politicians who are afraid to take a real stand on an issue.  They are so obviously being coached as to what exactly they need to say to appeal to the widest range of voters.  And I know that this homogenization is inevitable if they want to get elected, but just maybe, if someone came out with some real opinions, they’d find that voters liked it.  I guess Dennis Kucinich is a testament to the fact that that isn’t very likely since he has already had unsuccessful bids for the presidancy.  By the time we are down to two contenders, they are so alike that you almost have to refer to the color of their ties to remember what party they’re associated with. 

And it seems to be a scary trend that all candidates have to lean towards the right to grab the most voters.  Republican candidates can say that they are starkly against gay marriage, abortion, stem cell research, etc…but Democratic candidates will rarely come out in full support of those issues.  They have to qualify their support of gay marriage by calling it civil unions.  They curb their support for stem cell research by saying – only use previously established cell lines, or something like that.  Democrats and Republicans alike have to put their religiosity on display (or should I just say their Christianity).  God forbid we ever have an atheist or Buddhist or Muslim president, that nearly seems illegal.

Politics has become so carefully scripted and acted that is seems more like a fictional play than real life.  We can rarely believe what our elected officials tell us, and those who are trying to get elected will tell us anything they think we want to hear.  Unfortunately, because politicians are so consumed with appealing to everyone, we all end up losing in the end because no real changes are ever made.

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